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Giant's Causeway ~ World Heritage Centre ~ Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway……... what an interesting name.  Knowing that Ireland is one for legends and myths, this is perfectly understandable.  The giant, Finn McCool carved out the coast and left behind the ancient folklore for us to enjoy, and that we do.  We are off to see the sights.

Giant's Causeway Path

Science may have another explanation for these intriguing shapes of rocks.  Approximately 60 million years of cooling and shrinking of successive lava flows have created over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns.  The Giant’s Causeway has been designated a UNESCO World’s Heritage Site, and deservedly so.  It was amazing to see.

Amazing rock formations

There are miles of beautiful scenery that are all part of the Giant’s Causeway that we did not see, other than photos.  We were limited in time as we were on a coach tour but also the weather was making it a bit difficult.  The rain and wind made it almost impossible to use the camera, especially when the umbrella kept turning inside out!  The photos do not do it justice but hopefully you can see what nature provides in Northern Ireland.

Geological activities results

We had trails that were hills and rock steps which wasn’t making it easy for us ‘old folks’, especially fighting the wind.  They do have shuttle service for the first part of the Causeway, which took visitors as far as we were to go given the time but we chose to walk to take photos.   The Grand Causeway was a short distance from the Visitor Centre given the trails available but it could take hours to walk the complete Causeway.  

Columns at Giant's Gate

This is at the Giant’s Gate, which shows the depths of these shaped columns.  The path continues and somewhere in this neighborhood is where they film some of the Game of Thrones shows.  That can be included in the tour but we’re two of the very few who have never seen that show so no need to visit their site.

Visitor's Centre

Arriving back to the Visitor’s Centre was when we recognized the significance of the building with structure resembling the Giant’s column formations!  How clever and it also includes a grass roof.  Inside they have a large video screen that shows the mythical story of the Giant and how the Causeway happened, fun for kids to see.  A very nice gift shop, as all sights have, but with plenty of interesting information. 

Shores of the North Channel

Plenty of beautiful shoreline to see.  Another stop on the tour was the swinging bridge that I wasn’t really looking forward to crossing.  Still plenty of wind and some rain on this one kilometre walk, although it felt a lot farther than that! 

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

I’ve never been able to cross a swinging bridge easily.  I have done it but with great difficulties and maybe even some bad language.  I didn’t go to Ireland thinking I would cross this swinging bridge after seeing some promo pictures of it but once we were there, my thought was that I would make it happen.  Why would we go all the way and not cross that swinging bridge? 

Proof of crossing

And I did!!  Woohoooo!  It was worth it, and I was so glad I did it.  Keith stayed back to get this proof shot of me, and kept the others back so I didn’t get the ‘swinging’ part of the crossing which is the worst of it.  In all fairness, it is a very sturdy bridge without a lot of swing but I saw other faces that showed they felt the same as I did.  
Leading us back

I got a 'High 5' from the swinging bridge gatekeeper before my shaky knees took us back to the coach on more hills and rock steps to climb.  We had one hour when leaving the coach to do the swinging bridge and return, we were one of the last to get back, and likely the oldest but we made it!

We were on the lookout but during our visit, we did not see one leprechaun.  Where could they be? 

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  1. We did not go to Northern Ireland, maybe next time.Sure is beautiful. I am not fond of swinging bridges but I agree, you had come all that way why not....Proud of you lol....As for leprechauns they like to come out at night to dance and drink and sing...hmmm sounds like what all the Irish



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