Sunday, September 28, 2008

The road to Creston, B.C.

To RV along Highway 3A from Kootenay Bay, BC. to Creston, B.C., 80km (48 mi) will take you through several small communities with their own uniqueness. The highway follows along the lakeside of Kootenay Lake once you leave Crawford Bay. The scenic windy road with 270 curves makes it a favourite with motorcycle riders.

Kootenay Lake from hwy 3A

The drive will take you through Grey Creek which was settled in 1906 and is home to Kootenay Lake’s oldest general store. Grey Creek community follows the road for several kilometres and has several RV/campgrounds and other amenities along the way.

Secluded beaches

There are several beaches as in the picture, along the lakeshore. Some are private and some would only be accessible by boat but there are many with public access . You’ll also pass through Boswell, a lakeside resort community and home of the Lockhart Beach Park.

                                                                 the Glass House

The Glass House was created by David H. Brown after he retired from the funeral business. He gathered over 500,000 empty embalming fluid bottles and put them to practical use, by building the quaint house as well as several other structures, including the lighthouse, which offers an incredible view of Kootenay Lake. Tours are available during summer months.  Between Boswell and Sanca is the Glass House, a must see on your travels.


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