Friday, September 12, 2008

RV'ing from Balfour,B.C. to Kootenay Bay on the ferry

Osprey 2000 arrives in Kootenay Bay

We took the Rv across the ferry with no problems, there is plenty of room for all RV vehicles, no matter what the size. The Osprey 2000 is one of two ferries used on this run. There is an upper deck on the ferry with chairs to sit in to enjoy the magnificent views no matter which way you look.

                                           View of the Kokanee Glacier from Kootenay Bay
Kootenay Bay, B.C. is located in the Creston Valley along the eastern shore of Kootenay Lake on Highway 3A. It is the eastern terminal for the Kootenay Lake ferry system, 35 minutes from Balfour, B.C. across the lake, by way of the longest free ferry ride in the world.


When RV’ing to our destination, we had to take a ferry from Balfour, B.C., Canada. Balfour is a small village located on Highway 3A, south of Kaslo, B.C., and 35 km (22 mi) northeast of Nelson, B.C. It is at the junction of the North, South and West arms of the Kootenay Lake and offers some incredible scenery.

Our ferry ride arrives
The 35 minute ferry ride is the longest free ferry ride in the world and travels from Balfour to Kootenay Bay across the lake. Summer and winter schedules vary so be sure to check the times so as not to miss your ride to another beautiful spot in the Kootenays.

                                                 Incredible views on Kootenay Lake


The beautiful Kootenay Lake

There is no place like home but Rv’ing comes in a close second!! And what a wonderful way to see our beautiful country. So many places that we’d love to live just to be able to enjoy it but we’re able to actually live in them all!! Wherever we wander, we can call home for a short time then we can go back home. And in our case, we visit many places each year for work. So for K. it is work, for me it is a holiday, so I like to call it a working holiday and it covers both of us.

Our latest RV’ing trip is work for K. but I am here for the holiday and loving every moment of it. We’re staying at Crawford Bay, B.C. just 7 km(4 mi) from the Kootenay Bay ferry landing on the beautiful Kootenay Lake.

The Kootenay region is in the southeast corner of British Columbia and is one of many beautiful areas in the province to visit. And there are also so many wonderful areas within the Kootenays that it is impossible to pick favourites. We always enjoy the opportunity to visit here and this job brings us to a place we’d never stayed in before and that means we have a chance to see more of the area.


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