Saturday, March 19, 2011

Temecula Car Show ~ Temecula, CA

Old Town Temecula, California is a neat old town that we’d been told we should visit by several people who had been there. It has a collection of historic buildings that house boutiques, antiques and collectible shops that are fun to visit. We're going to follow the scenic State highways 74 and 371 to get there rather than the freeways, we make an early start and away we go!

Old Town Temecula, CA

Temecula is the heart of the Temecula Valley on I-15 and has grown a lot over the past years to a population of about 105,000 people. It is centrally located and only about an hours drive to San Diego, in the south, north to Orange County or to the Palm Springs area. Temecula is considered the ‘jewel’ of Riverside County and we are going to see why.

'72 GMC pick-up at Temecula Car Show
Today our main reason to go to Temecula was to visit friends participating in the car show which takes place in ‘Old Town Temecula’.  As we approach we realize that parking may be at a premium too close to downtown, so we chose to park and walk the next couple of blocks.

Crowds and vendors at Old Town Temecula, CA

Our parking choice turned out to be a good idea as the crowds had already arrived, and we saw thousands of people at the Temecula Car Show as we wandered the streets. Streets lined with vendors, bands and entertainment scattered throughout the old town. The crowds were so large that it was difficult to see many of the cars up close let alone get a clear picture of them!

Old Woodie at Temecula Car Show

There were cars of all kinds and descriptions and all proudly displayed by their owners.  The shiny and beautiful cars line the entire main street of Temecula then spill out onto both sides of the side streets, as well.

English Morris Minor in Temecula Car Show

We heard that there were over 700 cars in the show this year, which was well over last year’s participation. They included racers, show cars, antiques, street cars and trucks. Some may not be as pretty as others, but they were all worthy of being in the show, including this little beauty.

Old Dog Catcher in Temecula
Some vehicles were here strictly for the entertainment it offered, I am sure!  This old dog catcher’s truck had added several touches that showed the owners sense of humor and made for a great chuckle for those of us checking it out.

'57 Chevy Belair ~ Temecula Car Show
The day couldn’t have been better for participants as well as the spectators who all came to see the car show.  I am sure there were some great stories told and memories shared about ones own car history as they wandered and enjoyed these that lined the streets.  One like this ’57 Chevy was a special car for us many years ago.

Old cars and old buildings in Old Town Temecula
We had a great day but the crowds make it difficult to see all the charm of the old buildings so we will make another trip to Old Town Temecula when it is quieter so we can wander the streets and visit the old shops that are there.

Visit Idyllwild with us as we make our way back to Palm Springs, CA on this beautiful day.


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