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Dave's Goat Walk ~ The Log Barn 1912 ~ Armstrong, BC

We recently stayed in Armstrong, BC at the Royal York RV park while in town for a weekend watching our grandson’s lacrosse tournament.  As tournaments will go, we had time to do some local sightseeing and decided to go out to the Log Barn and visit the goats.  If you’ve ever driven the beautiful green valleys following Hwy 97A between Salmon Arm and Armstrong, you will likely have seen it.  We've driven by but never stopped to check it out.  Today we did.

This multi-attraction includes a fruit stand
The Log Barn 1912 ~ Armstrong, BC
What began as a small family fruit stand has stood the test of time and grown to be a very interesting place to spend some time at and wander at your leisure.  The Log Barn 1912 offers a very wide spectrum of attractions which almost makes it hard to label.  The name doesn’t tell the whole story so a visit is a must.
The dinosaurs greet  you as you enter the yard for the Log Barn 1912
Entrance to Log Barn 1912 on Hwy 97A
The Log Barn 1912 has a great selection of special Mennonite sausage, cheese, pies, jams, jellies and the aroma as you enter the barn will definitely catch your interest.  They have tables to sit at and enjoy some of their home baking.  The fruit also looked yummy and their gift shop offers several interesting things.
There are a wide variety of animal ornaments to greet one on this visit.
Dinosaurs, Giraffe and ships
There are so many different things of interest that I am sure all ages will find something to enjoy, whether it is the antique buggies and equipment scattered around the yard or the dinosaurs and other large animals, young and old will want to spend some time here.
The goats enjoy their viewpoint
A resident goat on Dave's goat walk
The big attraction may be Dave’s Goat Walk.  This was built so that it allows the goats to walk up a wooden walkway to the top and then roll the wheels to bring up the treats that visitors put into the cups at the bottom.  
Goat gets his own treat by spinning the cup up.
Goat lifts his treat up by turning the wheel
This fellow used his foot to move the wheel so that it brought the cupful of treats up to him, and he was pretty busy there when several visitors were refilling the empty cup on its return at the bottom.  It was hard to see exactly all that the goats would do to make this happen but they certainly seem to have figured out.
The goat knows how to turn the wheel to bring up his treat in the cup
Goat turns wheel with his chin to get his treat
This goat seemed to dominate the goat walk while we were there. He is one of the bigger ones and he sure did appear to take this work seriously. I am not very familiar with goats’ behaviour but I think this one is the boss.

The goats wait their turn getting up the walk
They line up for their turn at the wheel
There does seem to be some protocol among the goats.  These ones were patiently waiting for their turn to go up the walk.  They stood here for quite a long time while we were there, and just watched what was going on around them, knowing that if they’re patient, they may just get a chance to get to the top of the walkway.

These goats had a short stay at the wheel before the big goat returns
Their turn is over and they scurry down the goat walk
When their opportunity came, they scooted up there and hoped to get some treats but competition was strong, their time was limited, and before long, the ‘boss’ was coming back across and they wasted no time in scurrying back down the path!   It was pretty funny to watch and I would have liked to hear their dialogue!        

This appears to be a pregnant pygmy goat
Watchful eye of the goat
The gate is there for everyone to go inside their pen and pet the goats.  They enjoy the company, especially if you have treats in your hand.  The goats will even check out your pockets, so be prepared for their attention, which could be a bit scary for the little visitors.

The goats in the pen are waiting to receive their treats
Goats clamour at fence for treats
There is a dispenser to buy goats feed for 25 cents and these goats are well aware of that when people gather at their fence.  They are ready for any and all treats that their visitors might offer them, and the biggest goats win.

This goat is relaxed and enjoying the warm sun
The smile of a happy goat
I found this one lying away from the crowd and soaking up the sun, face lifted up to get all those rays and I do believe she even had a smile as she seemingly posed for this photo.  I think I see some signs of aging on that face which may mean there is wisdom behind that smile that may even explain why she seems oblivious to anything but the warmth of that sun, it does feel good.

Visitors are welcome Monday through Saturday from 7am to dusk all year and on Sundays, as well, during the months of June, July and August.

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  1. Yes, I have been there, but do not recall the goat walk. I seem to remember that Armstrong was the cheese capital of Canada. A lot of it must be the goat cheese. I showed several properties in that general area during my real estate years. Loved that part of B.C. Thanks for sending.



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