Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Embarcardero ~ San Diego Bay ~ California

We all know that things change over the years but the changes down on the waterfront in San Diego had me totally befuddled.  It is not as I remember it at all, but it looks great and there is lots of new in with the old.  This project is expected to be completed by Fall 2013 with more to come, the next to be completed in the summer of 2014. 

Children surround the fountain to play
Fountain at Seaport Village, San Diego, CA
We had to work through a bit of construction on Harbor Drive but had no difficulty finding a parking spot at the Seaport Village; that we had visited before and it was familiar.  The sun was shining, kids were enjoying the fountain and it was fun to be here.  Check for special occasions and entertainment that are regular events in Seaport Village.
Several shops are shown from Seaport Village, San Diego, CA
Shops in Seaport Village, San Diego, CA
We began our visit to the San Diego Waterfront at the southern end of the Embarcardero at Seaport Village, which has several shops to browse around in and restaurants for the hungry or thirsty.  The cobblestone walkways lead you around one interesting corner to another, with over 60 shops and restaurants all within the Seaside Village. 
The carousel is a big attraction at Seaport Village
Carousel at Seaport Village, San Diego, CA
Seaport Village also has a Looff Carousel that has a very interesting history.  It was first built in 1895 and lived in Texas until it moved to Santa Monica, CA in the 1950’s.  It moved several times after that, with a complete renovation done in 1991 until it finally moved to San Diego and has called the Seaport Village home since 2004.  
Waterfront sights from the Embarcardero
On the Embarcardero at the San Diego Bay
For those of us who are not here for the shopping, there are sights and sounds and wonderful sea air scents on the waterfront that are wonderful to be part of.  There are kites flying off the point of the nearby parkland, the beautiful San Diego-Coronado Bridge to the city of Coronado can be seen in the distance while the cargo ships passes into the San Diego Bay.  
Bright sun is setting over the cruise ship
Sun setting on San Diego Bay
The Embarcardero, meaning ‘the landing place’ at San Diego Bay has a boardwalk that connects Seaport Village to the Maritime Museum and more.  The walk is about fifteen minutes long and will take you past several points of interest.  We stopped to eat at Anthony’s Fish Grotto for dinner and watched the cruise ship leave the nearby terminal and a sailboat enjoy the gentle breeze out on the Bay as the sun set over Point Loma.
The world's oldest active sailing ship has an amazing history
Star of India, home to Maritime Museum in San Diego, CA
The Star of India has an incredible history.  She was launched in 1863 as a cargo ship from England to India then it took emigrants from England to New Zealand and Australia, making a total of 27 times circling the globe.  It then carried timber from Puget Sound to Australia before making runs carrying salmon from Alaska to the West Coast in 1902-1923.  The Star of India retired then was restored in 1961 as a maritime museum.
Female figurehead thought to bring good luck, sits on front of the ship.
Figurehead on front of HMS Surprise of the Maritime Museum, San Diego, CA
The Maritime Museum was a hubbub of activity with many enjoying the last few minutes of the day to see the sights. The museum has a collection of ships along the Embarcardero to be seen so allow time to see it all. There are events that make it even more fun if you are able to time that with your visit, check out their schedule here.
Airplanes sit atop the USS Midway Museum on the San Diego Bay
USS Midway Museum, San Diego Waterfront
It was only by chance that we drove by this way as darkness fell before leaving the Embarcardero and spotted this incredible sight standing right beside the USS Midway Museum.  I am sure I jumped out before the truck stopped moving, I was so excited at what I saw and had to move quickly before all daylight was gone.  Note the size of those standing near this 25 foot statue.
This statue sits beside the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, Ca
'Unconditonal Surrender', San Diego, CA
This Seward Johnson artwork is like the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ statue we’d seen in Palm Springs. ‘Unconditional Surrender’ replicates the photo taken in Times Square following the announcement that World War ll had ended and joyous celebrations were happening around the world.  This was dedicated only a short time before our visit, how lucky were we!  

Several bronze statues show the soldiers who were entertained when Bob Hope made one of his many visits to the troops.
Tribute to Bob Hope as he entertains the troops 
A national salute to Bob Hope and the military was also nearby. The bronze figure of Bob Hope is seen performing in front of several military while a loudspeaker carries his comedy for us to hear. This was a great way to end our sightseeing on the Embarcardero.
We put so much sightseeing into the few days we were in San Diego, a city with so much to see, so visits were brief but we will return, of that I am sure. See other sights we visited while in San Diego, Heritage Park and more in Old Town San Diego.


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