Saturday, June 21, 2008

Victoria Day weekend

View of Kamloops Lake, Savona, B.C.

It was the Victoria Day long weekend and we weren't able to go RV'ing, but we did get an evening visit with our son and his family where they were RV'ing for their long weekend. They have property on the north side of Kamloops Lake, opposite Savona. It is a little over an hours drive from Kamloops and is an absolutely beautiful location. The picture above is taken as we leave the main road to access their property and the view of Kamloops Lake is so gorgeous. They have room for our RV so when retirement and time allows us to, we will enjoy this beautiful spot.
Kamloops Lake is a jewel and has only recently received some of the attention it deserves with the Tobiano Resort development, which has a marina. It is the only marina on the lake and makes summer boating much easier. Boat traffic seems to be increasing since the marina opened last year. This is a great new thing for many Kamloops boaters to be able to explore the lake and it's little coves, but I think the residents of Savona have always known they had a jewel.

Friday, June 20, 2008

                                                The moon rising over Kamloops Lake

We had a wonderful visit on the rocky beach of Kamloops Lake with our son and his family and friends. They'd had good weather and got in some boating and great fun. We waited till it was almost dusk to head home so as to enjoy as much of the sunshine as possible. As we drove up the hill to make the drive home, we had this beautiful sight across the lake, the moon was rising over Kamloops Lake and it was an incredible picture.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Best kept secret of Fort St. John, B.C. Canada

View from end of 100th Street Sept. 23

                                              View from end of 100th Street Sept 28

The colourful autumn wasn’t visible in the town of Fort St. John. It had the occasional tree with leaves changing but not the same as I’d seen on my drives. But it didn’t take me long to discover the viewpoint for the Peace River valley at the end of 100th Street, about 3 minutes from downtown. It was a breathtaking view with ongoing color changes. It was hard to believe that such a view could be within minutes of the main highway yet not be marked for everyone to enjoy, it could be the best kept secret in town. Only the locals would be aware this was here. Then 5 days later, eager to share what I’d seen, I took a visiting friend down to show her the wonderful sight and was I in for a surprise ! It was such a change that I would not have believed it had someone told me the leaves would change that quickly. I’ve shown pictures taken on each day to compare the colors. Amazing.

W.A.C.Bennett, Peace Canyon Dams and Dinosaur Lake

W.A.C. Bennett Dam on the Peace River at Hudson's Hope, B.C., Canada

Hudson’s Hope is famous for the dams and we definitely had to visit them while we were there. They are very impressive, especially the W.A.C. Bennett dam, (pictured above), on the banks of the Peace River, 22km (13 mi) from Hudson’s Hope. It is one of the world’s largest earthen dams. B.C. Hydro’s dam also created Williston Lake, one of North American’s largest man made lakes. If you have the opportunity, take in the tour for the dam.

                  Dinosaur Lake at Peace Canyon Dam at Hudson's Hope, B.C., Canada

The Peace Canyon Dam came later, it is 23 km(14 mi) downstream from G.M. Shrum Generating Station. This dam created another man made lake called Dinosaur Lake, which was aptly named after various fossils dating back to dinosaur age were found during excavation for the dam. Hudson’s Hope was later found to have contained a very large selection of dinosaurs dating back millions of years. There is a campground on Dinosaur Lake, 7km (4.5mi) south of Hudson’s Hope on Hwy 29. The picnic area has 50 sites for camping and also has a boat launch for boating, swimming and fishing.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Viewpoint between Hudson's Hope and Fort St. John, B.C., Canada

Keith worked in Fort St. John after leaving Hudson's Hope and we spent most of the summer and fall up there enjoying the beautiful country. This was a place that neither of us had visited before and it was far more beautiful than I'd imagined. Keith works 6 long days a week, but I was able to enjoy the sights with my camera in tow.
The days are long during mid June, it would be dusk about 11pm and by 3am it was dawn, and that was a treat to enjoy as well. The temperatures were not as hot as home in Kamloops, but we did enjoy summer weather. It can also get windy, which creates a problem with the RV awning if left out. You soon learn that it is far too difficult to put the awning back if the wind is blowing hard, and they can get ripped from the wind, so you're better off to just leave it rolled up.
If you're looking for a place to park your RV while enjoying the area, there is Beatton Provincial park out at Charlie Lake, which is located 13 km (8 mi) NW of Fort St John in Hwy 97, also known as the Alaska Highway. This is open year round and can accommodate RV's. Another RV park located at the northern end of town (Hwy 97) is Ross H. MacLean Rotary RV Park, and that one is open from May 1 to Sept. 30 yearly. Both of these parks give you access to Charlie Lake for fishing and recreational activities.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fall colors- Peace River between Hudson's Hope and Fort St. John, B.C., Canada

Bridge on Peace River between Fort St. John and Hudson's Hope, B.C. Canada

Fall leaves in Peace River valley between Fort St. John and Hudson's Hope, B.C., Canada

The 88 km (54 mi) drive on Hwy 29 between Fort St. John and Hudson's Hope the end of September was magnificent. I couldn't take enough pictures. I would share all of them with you but there are far too many but each one of them is a beautiful sight. My first picture taking trip on this stretch of road was with Keith on his day off. It was an overcast day so the views were not as spectacular as I'd hoped, although that didn't stop me from taking lots of pictures, but we enjoyed the peaceful country drive along the Peace River and stopped to watch some of the wildlife.

I took another trip a few days later with the bluest sky bringing the color out like a master painter had been busy with his brush. We saw deer, of which there are many, quietly munching away on their lunch, not minding my picture taking as long as I kept my distance. The beaver was busy working but headed home when he saw us watching, waddling down the trail ahead of us. A bald headed eagle patiently sat on a roadside fencepost while I quietly stopped the car and took his picture before he soared away into the blue sky. This is bear country so one must be aware that they could be around and so one must take the necessary precautions. I did not wander off the road very far but also had our dog, Storm with me and trusted his presence would discourage a visit from the local bears.

Peace River valley at Taylor, B.C.

As you head NW on Hwy 97 out of Dawson Creek, B.C., which is also Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway, you will see hills of green and yellow on a beautiful summer day. Fields of yellow canola can be seen all through the area as it is a common crop. The roads are good and have plenty of passing lanes on the drive between Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, a distance of 73km (45mi). As evening nears, it is wise to be even more aware of the possibilities of wildlife being on the road, be it bears, deer or moose as this is the time they seem more likely to be crossing the roads.

About 15km (9mi) before you reach Fort St. John, you will crest over the hill and see a view of the incredible Peace River valley (see picture above) at Taylor, B.C. I have stopped several times to enjoy the view. Note the yellow fields on the plateau across the river. From here you drive down into the valley to cross the bridge as you approach Taylor, a small community with great sports facilities. The Fairway RV Park is right next to the highway as you pass through Taylor if you want to spend the night here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We Love RV'ing

We love RV'ing and wish to welcome you to the world of RV'ing in the world of blogging !

Keith and I have been RV'ing for many years now, both for work and for play. Play is the obvious favorite but until retirement allows for more play, we will still be spending many months of the year in the rv for work purposes.

More often than not, Keith is living in the RV alone as he is usually working in fairly remote areas, including gravel pits with no cell service, let alone internet service, but whenever possible, I will join him. It depends on location, location, location !

Kamloops Lake
This picture was taken driving on Trans Canada Hwy along the shores of Kamloops Lake near Savona, B.C., Canada

Our RV Home
This was in a small but beautiful RV park in downtown Hudson's Hope, B.C., Canada for work in June. The deer wander at large so the park owner has used wire cages to protect the shrubs and bushes. The flowers in the pot hanging on the RV only lasted one day before it was missing all the blooms, someones evening treat.


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