Friday, July 10, 2009

Kootenay,BC-Alberta Road Trip - Rock Creek, Greenwood & Rossland, B.C.

This was a trip that we'd talked about making for a long time and finally my friend Karen and I were going to make the Kootenay Road Trip a reality. Follow us on our journey through the Kootenays in the interior of B.C. and into Alberta, as well.

                                                   Rest area on the Kettle River

We followed Hwy 33 from sunny Rutland in the Okanagan and enjoyed the scenic Rock Creek cutoff. The traffic was light but we did pass thru some rain and heavy cloud, making very few photo opportunities for this part of our trip. It was dry for our rest stop visit, and this scene brings back childhood memories of other river beds and creeks, I love this, it is a genuine rest stop.

Church in Greenwood, B.C.

Greenwood, B.C. has made some changes to their downtown area, which cannot be missed with Hwy 3 passing right through town. It seems we were in too much of a hurry to get any pictures of that pretty little shopping area.

We carried on and took time to drive around Grand Forks, B.C., where I had hoped to get some great pictures, but our timing was perfect for the heavy showers they were getting. We did find their City Park right close to downtown on the Kettle River that offers RV facilities and recreational fun things to do.

Grand Forks has much history and many tree lined streets with heritage buildings to enjoy. It is worth spending some time there but that will be another trip for us to plan.

We carried on, passing through Christina Lake, B.C., a great resort area and drove up through the Blueberry Paulson Pass and cut over the Strawberry Pass to get to Rossland, B.C., a wonderful little town that is perfect for snow skiing during the winter season. I will write more on Rossland later.
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