Saturday, January 8, 2011

Elvis ~ Birthday ~ Honeymoon House ~ Palm Springs, CA

Today is Elvis’ 76th birthday.  The fact is that he was born 76 years ago today but he isn’t here to celebrate that so we won’t think of him as 76 years old. We remember him as the beautiful Elvis in his prime years before his untimely death. 
Front entrance to Elvis' Honeymoon House
The classic modern architecture house was built by the Alexander Construction Company, and is one of 2200 homes built by that company in the Palm Springs area.  The Alexanders lived in it in the early ‘60’s before Colonel Tom Parker, a neighbor, arranged to rent it for $21,000 a year for Elvis to use as a retreat from the L.A. media during his movie making days.

Elvis memorabilia greets you at the door
The rooms have been returned to the mid ‘60’s decor and shows the era and the style of those years with a lot of Elvis memorabilia showcased.  Elvis’ Honeymoon House is one of the top tourist attractions in Palm Springs.

The famous 64 ft. semi-circular couch
The Elvis Honeymoon House, as this one in Palm Springs is known, was where Elvis and Priscilla spent their honeymoon and it is open for tours, held annually for the weekend of the May 1, 1967 anniversary. The house is also available for private party bookings and offers tours. We were there for a tour for Elvis’ birthday celebration a few years ago.

                                The master bedroom in Elvis' Honeymoon House

The circular windows are a signature of the architecture of this house.  The semi-circular theme was carried out throughout the home and the master bedroom windows are seen from the front street.

Pool in backyard of Elvis' Honeymoon House
Elvis and Priscilla planned on getting married by the pool but the news leaked out so they had to sneak out to a waiting limo in the back alley in the dark of night to fly in Frank Sinatra’s jet and elope to Las Vegas. They returned to this house the next day.
We remember Elvis on his 76th birthday, there has never been another like him.


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