Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tour de Palm Springs ~ Charity event ~ California

The Tour de Palm Springs brings thousands of riders to the Coachella Valley to participate and help raise funds for the many charities that benefit from this yearly event.  The generosity and hard work by those involved is shown in many ways and this allows great things to happen for their chosen charities.

Tour de Palm Springs 2014
Tim Esser, a local resident, held the first bike ride in 1998 with 400 participants and raised over $20,000.00.  It wasn’t long before he formed a non-profit organization called CVSPIN, for Coachella Valley Serves People in Need that has been raising funds ever since then.

Travelling along Dinah Shore Blvd in Cathedral City, CA
The event progressed with a bigger ride the following year in 1999 by the new name of Tour de Palm Springs and it hasn’t looked back with funds raised in excess of $1,000,000.00.  The event brings cyclists in from all over the country.

Cyclists travel west toward their destination in Palm Springs
Although there are many markings to make us aware of this event, caution is recommended when driving past any cyclist.  There were over 30,000 riders and although that covers several different routes at varying times, it still causes some congestion at times.

Cyclists follow traffic rules on their tour
The shortest route is a 1 mile for beginners and other choices are 5 mi., 10 mi, 25 mi., 50 mi., with the 100 mile route added in 2001.  There are 1,2 and 3 mile walks.  A 3 wheeler is allowed as well as a buggy/cart for those taking younger children.

Support and Gear stop for refreshments
There are several Support and Gear (SAG) stops along the way for food to make a sandwich, nutritional bars, water, bicycle support and if needed, First Aid.  The weather can vary 21-26C (70-80F) in the Valley in February so heat can be an issue.  Helmets are mandatory in California so they are worn by everyone and as many safety precautions as possible are taken. 

Vendors in downtown Palm Springs for the bicycle tour
There are vendors lining the streets of Palm Springs during the ride event weekend, and offer information or product for sale.  There is a free entertainment event offered on Friday night, raffle tickets sold for great prizes and lots of visits among riders.

Lots of information at the MS booth
The MS booth was there to pass on information.  They benefit from the generosity of those who give to the Tour de Palm Springs.  There is much research necessary for multiple sclerosis and we hope to see that day a cure is found will arrive soon.  Click here to learn more about MS in Canada or watch an interview with Jack Osborne on the American MS Society link.

Incredible view at the Tour de Palm Springs in California
This ambitious charity event shows the heart of the Coachella Valley and the results of the hardworking volunteers and participants.  It goes a long way in helping the charities in the area so we tip our hats to those special people who are involved.  Always drive with caution when you see cyclists.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

President's Day ~ Air Force One ~ Palm Springs, CA

President’s Day 2014 in the U.S.A. was celebrated on Feb. 17.  It was first created for George Washington in 1879, called Washington Day and always on his birthday.  It has changed over time and now honors the office of the Presidency on the third Monday of February.  President Barack Obama was visiting Palm Springs, California on this President’s Day of 2014.  

Kirk Douglas Way entrance sign 
The Coachella Valley, home of Palm Springs had been buzzing with the news that the President was coming for a visit.  President Obama met with the King of Jordon for official business then some golfing fun with his highschool friends over the President’s Day week-end.

Air Force One sits at Palm Springs Airport
We made our way to the airport hoping to get to see Air Force One and were amazed to be able to get up so close.  I expected it to be out of sight for security reasons but that shows my lack of knowledge in that department.  It was very close to a public area so photos were easy.  Several other people had the same idea as we did and they were all busy with their cameras.

Boeing 747-200B aircraft
The airplane is over 231 feet long so it isn’t easily hidden but I sure was happy to be able to see it without buildings in the way.  My biggest challenge was to get a palm tree in the photo and to keep walking until I found that right location.  It isn’t Palm Springs without a palm tree in the photo!

In Remembrance monument at Palm Springs airport
Palm Springs does not have a very large airport but it is very secure.  This monument was dedicated in 2003 as following 9/11 Palm Springs was the first in the nation to develop a centralized vehicle inspection plaza. There is no doubt that security has been even more with this weekend visit by the President.

Visit by Air Force One at Palm Springs airport
The first to benefit from a presidential airplane was President Franklin D. Roosevelt when the Secret Service configured one that was used in February 1945.  Previous to that there were commercial flights used until security became a concern.

Front view of Air Force One
The name ‘Air Force One’ became used after a 1953 incident making a name change necessary but it wasn’t until 1962 that it became official.  There were a few names used before this one such as ‘Guess Where ll’, ‘Sacred Cow’ and ‘Independence’ with a bald headed eagle painted on the plane but Air Force One definitely sounds best and gets my vote.

The seal of the President of the United States of America
There have been several aircraft used over the years but presently there are two Boeing VC-25A’s that are highly customized for use by the President.  The aircraft is called Air Force 2 when used by the vice-president.
Air Force One sits near the Palm Springs airport terminal
Air Force One is almost a mobile White House for the President when he is away from there.  It has state-of-the-art navigation, electronic and communications equipment, conference room, offices, dining rooms and private quarters for the President and First Lady.

Entrance to Palm Springs Airport
This week-end has now come to an end and activity at the airport has returned to its’ regular busy routine.  The weather was weekend perfect and life here has returned to normal.  The President has left the Valley.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Palm Springs Cruisin' Association Car Show

The Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association is a group of car enthusiasts from the Coachella Valley.  Some may be permanent residents but some are Snowbirds either from the US or Canada and spend time here during the winter.  What better way for them to show off their beautiful cars than a car show!

1935 Chevrolet Cabriolet
The Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association is a group of car enthusiasts from the Coachella Valley.  Some may be permanent residents but some are Snowbirds either from the US or Canada and spend time here during the winter.  What better way for them to show off their beautiful cars than a car show!

1936 Dodge Bros. Humpback Panel
We visited one of the monthly shows held and there was no cost to the public, although those who put their car in the show will pay so they raise funds but it is available for everyone to enjoy.  There was music, entertainment and draws that raise more money for their charities.

A beautiful vintage Rolls Royce
The car club is a volunteer non-profit organization and one of their main purposes is to promote charitable car events.  The event we visited was not a charity event but the following week there was Dr. George Car Show, their main charity event where they raise thousands of dollars for the Desert Cancer Foundation.

1940 Ford Coupe
 To 2013, this association had raised $488,000 and provided $3,085,000 in cancer treatment services since they first began these charity car events and that doesn’t include the one held this year. That is an amazing contribution.

1936 Ford 2 door sedan
Some of the paint jobs on the cars are a flashback in time and all part of the show.  Spotless and shiny, the owners’ pride is shown in every car and truck seen in these shows.  Some are quite rare and one you may not see at other shows in your hometown so well worth checking out.

1949 Ford Woodie
Most of us from a certain age group will associate California with surfin’ and the Woodie!  There were a couple of them at this car show with one from British Columbia and owner Jim proudly displaying his Langley Loafers sign on it.

1972 GMC truck
Another BC Snowbird has this winner. It seems that whenever this truck enters a car show, it receives a trophy and today was no exception.  Congratulations, Dave.

Rolls Royce convertible
Palm Springs and a Rolls Royce may seem synonymous but we rarely see something this beautiful driving on the streets these days. I don’t know the year of this Rolls Royce but it was a beautiful car that has to be seen and admired.

1957 Chevy Bel Air
No car show would be complete without a ’57 Chevy!  It is a classic from those days and was the car we had many years ago.  This one is a very similar color as the one we had so it did offer some flashbacks! These old cars evoke memories for many.  Take the time to stroll down memory lane and enjoy the show!

Membership in the Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association is about 300 and they invite car enthusiasts who may be interested to join them.  For more information, click here and learn more.


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