Friday, August 7, 2009

Cross Canada RV trip from Kamloops, B.C., Canada

It is early afternoon and we are finally on the road for our Cross Canada Trip ’09. We’ve talked about doing this after retirement and the time has finally come. After a delay in leaving, we are going to cover the first leg of our trip in one and one half days rather than three days so we’re going to put in some long hours.

We have had very hot weather at home for several days and we’re heading into heavy clouds and rain and not minding it at all, but it doesn’t offer too many photo opportunities on our first afternoon. We spend the first few hours travelling north from Kamloops, BC on the Yellowhead Highway #5 until we get just past the Mt. Terry Fox Provincial Park near Valemount, BC and as we drive into Jasper National Park, the road becomes Hwy #16.

A curious young elk
There had been a car accident east of Jasper, AB and traffic is being held up for at least 6 hours so we decide to head south on Hwy. 93. Just as we do that, we see several vehicles parked on the side of the road and so many people out taking pictures of the elk at the sides of the road. They are wild animals and one should not get too close but thankfully I have the zoom lense and was able to get a close up.

A pretty sunset reflection

We were not to see many vehicles once we left that spot. It was early evening and we had decided we would not stop for dinner until we parked for the night. We stopped to take pictures with the setting sunset that managed to peek thru some of the clouds.

Athabasca Pass

N. Saskatchewan River
The next couple of hours were driving south and enjoying the quiet road, with very little traffic to worry about. Because of the cloudy skies, it did seem to get dark early and picture taking was out of the question so I was not able to get any pictures of the wonderful drive through the Icefield Parkway..

The Glacier
When we came to the Glacier, I was not able to resist and took a picture just to have one, note the size of the vehicles below the glacier. It is very large and the picture taken at dusk cannot do it justice.
We carry on and finally call it a nite after 10pm.


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