Friday, September 11, 2009

Terry Fox Run Sept. 13. 2009

The Terry Fox Run is being held on Sept. 13, 2009. The run is held all around the world, altho the dates can vary, but this young man started something that has continued to become bigger every year. He wanted to raise money for the cure of cancer, which he did but I do not think he could have ever imagined when he started to what the Terry Fox run has become today. The Terry Fox Run has raised $400 million internationally. Check the webpage to learn how to donate to the run and more:

This Terry Fox Memorial is at Thunder Bay, Ontario. We have seen others on our travels and the most recent was in front of the Parliament Buildings on Ottawa, Ontario. The determination that it took Terry to continue his Marathon of Hope daily thru rain or shine shows on his face on this sculpture.

Terry Fox ran with his head held high while all Canadians watched him with pride as he ran across the country on his Marathon of Hope.

We visited this Terry Fox monument three times during our short visit to Thunder Bay this summer. He is truly an inspiration and I can only imagine the pride his family must feel when they see the recognition that Terry has received for what he did for cancer research in his short life. With their tireless work over these years with countless volunteers they continue to keep his dream alive that one day no one will have to suffer with cancer. His legacy continues.

I wrote more on the Terry Fox Memorial following our visit, to see more, click here.


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