Friday, October 1, 2010

St. Andrews by-the-Sea ~ New Brunswick ~ Canada

St. Andrews by-the-Sea sounds like it should be a wonderful little town and that is exactly what it is.  We drove 100 km (62 mi) west of Saint John, NB to spend some time at this very picturesque hamlet on the Passamaquoddy Bay. 

Downtown St. Andrews, NB, Canada
The main town of St. Andrews has been designated a National Historic District and many of the more than 250 homes that are 100 to 200 plus years old have been restored.  Storefronts also have the historic look, the styles have not changed over the years.

Historic Buildings of St. Andrews, NB

St. Andrews was first settled by United Empire Loyalists in 1783 following the American Revolution.  Some of their homes that were brought here from Maine and reassembled are still standing today.

Flags honor all visitors in St. Andrews, NB

St. Andrews by-the-Sea’s natural beauty helped it to become the first seaside resort town in Canada which attracted many of the wealthy families from the East.  Some of their cottages built in that day are considered mansions by today’s standards.

Days gone by at St. Andrews by-the-Sea

This quaint seaside town overlooks the Fundy Isles, considered gatekeepers to the Bay of Fundy. What an incredible sight this viewpoint can enjoy, no matter what the weather is. The tide was out for our visit so no toes in the Bay of Fundy here but we enjoyed the view ….what a beautiful place to spend your quiet time and savor it all.  Breathe deeply, can you smell that ocean?

A sense of local humor

St. Andrews was found to be one of the most intriguing destinations in the world by the National History Magazine. We were fortunate to spend some time at a friend’s cottage and to enjoy the quiet tranquility of St. Andrews.  We shopped for some lobster at a local seafood shop and enjoyed our very first Maritime lobster dinner, what more could we ask for?
The town bell from early days still stands in St. Andrews, NB

There are so many opportunities to enjoy St. Andrews whether you’re walking or biking nature trails, shopping, boating, fishing or getting into the history of the town.  There are museums, gardens and islands to see.  Whales, bald eagles, and other wildlife enjoy this beautiful location and allow us to enjoy watching them.

A beautiful view from a country bridge

No matter what your interests may be, I am sure you will enjoy St. Andrews.  It is a little gem on the Bay of Fundy that shares its’ picturesque charm with all who visit.  We were there in the fall so there were no crowds but autumn colors were coming.  Be sure to put St. Andrews on your list when visiting New Brunswick in the Maritimes.


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