Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kenora, Ontario, Sunset Country

We Love RV’ing, especially on such a gorgeous day as today. We had sunshine all the way from Souris, Manitoba to Kenora, Ontario. The day was fairly uneventful except for the road construction being done. We basically bounced our way from Manitoba to Ontario so there is no doubt the road we followed was in need of being repair and they were working on it for miles, many many miles. It was nice to reach our destination for the day.

The name of the town was originally Rat Portage but the change was made in the 1880’s to Kenora by using the first 2 letters of Keewatin, a sister town, Norman, a nearby village and Rat Portage. It had become a major supply and distribution center for lumber, sawmills and gold mining following the construction of the CPR and someone wise suggested they change the name. A pretty name for a pretty city.

Downtown Kenora, Ontario
What a pretty town Kenora, Ontario is. It sits on the northern side of beautiful Lake of the Woods and after the road construction scenery of the day, the lake was a sight to see, and a great welcome to town. We’d picked Kenora as a destination for an overnite stay only because it was a day’s drive from Souris, MB so we were pretty excited to see it had so much to enjoy.

Kenora has several beautiful heritage buildings about town to enjoy. We were too late to visit the museum that sits overlooking the lake, but it would be a great place to learn more about the story of Kenora. We walked down on the lakefront then around town enjoying the warm evening.

MS Kenora
The boat offers cruises around some of the 200 islands in Lake of the Woods. We arrived at the dock just as they were leaving so we didn’t go but it would have been a beautiful trip around those islands on such a pretty evening. The captain was making his announcements as they departed and said they didn’t know yet which islands they would tour so they must vary the cruise. With 200 choices you could take the cruise several times and never see the same island twice. There is no doubt that any of them would be a treat to see.

"By honoring the past, we will build our future"
There are several heritage murals about town depicting the history and they add a personal touch to the area painted by Canadian artists.

The Lake of the Woods shoreline at Anicinabe Park in Kenora, Ontario offers a wonderful area to stroll about and enjoy the water. There are several places to access the lake in the park.

The grounds are kept beautifully and have several pathways to follow, with several areas to enjoy.

The view from our RV spot.

The Anicinabe Park is where we parked our RV for our overnite stay in Kenora and it is a beautiful park. Plenty of room for camping in all kinds of vehicles. Picnic tables are sprinkled about the park, and tent sites tucked in under the trees with lots of privacy. It is right on the Lake of the Woods and offers several spots to get into the lake.

We ended the evening walk with one down on the lake at the RV park. What a serene view and great way to end the day. Now if only we had a boat.......

We're on our way for more adventures, follow along with us to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

There is a not-for-profit travel association for this region of Canada - for free travel info the camping website is and if you would like a free guide, there is a link to an order form on that website.


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