Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oregon Coast ~ Foggy Views

We left the California sunshine behind and as we approached our first overnight stay, we began to see the fog drifting in from the Pacific Ocean.   This is definitely not the view that we’d been hoping to see but it was expected for spring which is when we were making this trip.

Turtle Rock RV park on Hunter Creek, Oregon
We stayed at the Turtle Creek RV Park on Hunter Creek and enjoyed a delicious fish dinner at a nearby pub that was across the road from our park.  We saved our walk on the beach for the next morning.

Foggy views
The next morning was socked in with fog so the view was pretty limited but it was interesting just the same.  We took Maggie for a walk down to the beach, a short distance from the RV park and spent some time looking around.

Large beach rocks in Oregon
The fog has an eerie effect on everything and adds mystery to our surroundings.  The huge rocks that are just offshore when the tide is in are barely visible from a short distance in this dense fog.

Maggie gets pretty dirty in the wet sand, but loves investigating every nook and cranny she can find, which includes climbing up into the rocks.  She has so many new smells and critters to find and takes that pretty serious, all ten pounds of her.

Mysterious driftwood
The driftwood can be quite interesting if you have a good look at it.  The rocks embedded in this tree trunk are an interesting adornment.  There appears to be some eyes peeking out from within the trunk, too, but the story about how it got to look like this will always be a mystery, befitting of the surroundings; it must be the fog!

Roadside dining without a view
We finished our foggy morning walk and set off for sunnier places.  The hopes of seeing the water didn’t look too promising as we drove up Highway 101.  We parked on the side of the road for lunchtime, hoping that this viewpoint would clear up and offer sights of splashing waves and seagulls but other than great company and a little visibility, that didn’t happen.

Coastal towns of Oregon
We still had sights to see in spite of the fog.  We passed through several small communities that looked like they’d be a nice place to visit when the sun was shining.  

Foggy day rv'ing
Our first full day in Oregon was a very foggy day but we had more days ahead and the sun would come out and change the whole view!  Bring back the sun!  Funny how the sunshine makes everything seem even better.

Check out this link to visit more of the Oregon coast and its' great sights.


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