Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Souris, Manitoba on our Cross Canada Adventure

Souris, Manitoba held a special interest for us because Keith’s mother’s family had been from the area so we thought we’d include it on our Cross Canada RV adventure. As life often offers us little gifts, we got a nice one as we were parking in the RV park on our arrival.

The neighbor started chatting and we told him there were family ties and he asked names, and when he heard them, he said that there were many with that name living in town. That surprised us but we also didn’t think they would be related. But they are.

                                                               Hillcrest Museum
We spent some time at their museum and found some pictures and names of family members. They were one of the founding families in the community and there are cousins still living there. The original family farm is still being worked by a family descendent.

The Swinging Bridge

Souris boasts that it has the longest historic suspension bridge in Canada, That is quite a span of river to cross. The original bridge was built in 1904, then rebuilt in 1977 after being destroyed by a flood. I did manage to get halfway across but decided there was no need to go all the way so came back to take pictures. My weak knees had nothing to do with it !

Victoria Park

We parked our RV in Victoria Park in Souris. It is a city park and includes a very nice RV park under the trees next to an arm of the Souris River, the city swimming pool is there, ballparks, nature trails and a bird sanctuary.

Peacock hiding
We saw several peacocks in the park but they were just minding their own business and none were strutting their stuff. There are about 25 peacocks, all descendants of the original 2 and are free to roam but had retreated to the sanctuary on our visit.

The bird sanctuary

The bird sanctuary is a very special part of Victoria Park. It is surrounded by water and offers a refuge where all birds are safe from predators. It was founded in the 1980’s and has grown since. It began with Canada Geese and grew to include pheasants, ducks and swans and a pair of peacocks.

Now we leave this little town and carry onto Ontario, follow us to Kenora, Ontario.


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