Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fall colors- Peace River between Hudson's Hope and Fort St. John, B.C., Canada

Bridge on Peace River between Fort St. John and Hudson's Hope, B.C. Canada

Fall leaves in Peace River valley between Fort St. John and Hudson's Hope, B.C., Canada

The 88 km (54 mi) drive on Hwy 29 between Fort St. John and Hudson's Hope the end of September was magnificent. I couldn't take enough pictures. I would share all of them with you but there are far too many but each one of them is a beautiful sight. My first picture taking trip on this stretch of road was with Keith on his day off. It was an overcast day so the views were not as spectacular as I'd hoped, although that didn't stop me from taking lots of pictures, but we enjoyed the peaceful country drive along the Peace River and stopped to watch some of the wildlife.

I took another trip a few days later with the bluest sky bringing the color out like a master painter had been busy with his brush. We saw deer, of which there are many, quietly munching away on their lunch, not minding my picture taking as long as I kept my distance. The beaver was busy working but headed home when he saw us watching, waddling down the trail ahead of us. A bald headed eagle patiently sat on a roadside fencepost while I quietly stopped the car and took his picture before he soared away into the blue sky. This is bear country so one must be aware that they could be around and so one must take the necessary precautions. I did not wander off the road very far but also had our dog, Storm with me and trusted his presence would discourage a visit from the local bears.

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