Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Black bear out shopping

We were out sightseeing in this beautiful countryside and this black bear
crossed the road right in front of us.
He wandered across the road concentrating on his shopping mission so he was oblivious to our approach. He started up a residential driveway but as we got closer he spooked, turned and ran back across the way he’d come to the safety of the dense trees. We may have saved someone a mess of garbage in their yard when they returned home. At this time of year the bears are trying to fatten up for hibernation and are on the hunt for all they can eat. Garbage cans are an easy target and once they know about them they will come back.

                                   Kokanee Chalets and RV park in Crawford Bay, B.C.

The Kokanee Chalets and RV park we are in had that very problem with the bears so they’ve taken all the garbage cans away and we’re turning in our daily garbage to the office and they keep it inside then discard it. A nice safety feature and we’ve not seen any bears in this rural campground.

Our Rv’ing friends were over for a visit and their bear story convinced me that bears aren’t just garbage scavengers but really do like honey. They have some beehives on the roof of a backyard shed at home to harvest some honey. They’d noticed that one of them was moved a bit and wondered how it had happened until they caught the bear trying to get into the hive. They can be quite inventive on their quest for food. The bear was not easily spooked like the one we’d seen nor willing to run too quickly so our friend took a shovel and hit the bear and managed to scare him away…….. but do not try this at home!!

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