Friday, February 4, 2011

Pinnacle Peak ~ Reata Pass ~ Arizona

We love rv’ing but I will admit that it is the fair-weather part of rv’ing that we prefer.  This means that for the winter months, the best rv’ing is farther south than our homeland in Canada
This years rv’ing journey took us to Arizona and we made a stop at Pinnacle Peak, just north of Mesa in the Phoenix area.

Pinnacle Peak Patio, Phoenix, AZ
Pinnacle Peak was a general store and rest stop for travelers when it opened in 1957.  The owner then decided to serve dinners on the weekend in order to boost his business and it turned out to be a great success.  This is about 25 miles from Mesa and I have a map available at the bottom of the page.

History of Pinnacle Peak Patio, AZ
It has become a great attraction in the area with a gift shop and can sit up to 2000 people in the Pinnacle Peak Patio.  We visited there many years ago but it was after dark and it felt like we drove into blackness forever.  Now there are many homes to light up the area, it has seen tremendous growth since our last visit.

Ties decorate Pinnacle Peak Patio
Pinnacle Peak Patio was intended to be a casual restaurant that would mean that no neckties were to be worn.  When one of the first dinner guests refused to take off his tie, the owner proceeded to cut it off and from there the tradition began.  The Pinnacle Peak Patio is now filled with neckties and the cards of their owners and over the past 54 years, they have cut over a million ties from their customers.

Pinnacle Peak Park, Arizona
Pinnacle Peak Park was established to preserve the history of Pinnacle Peak as a Desert Discovery Center.  The Scottsdale City Council approved 185 acres and the grand opening was in April 2002 for the office and Trailhead area and the interpretive tours began in November 2002.  To learn more, click here.

Water tank at Reata Pass, Arizona
Crossing the McDowell Mountains during the Arizona Territory days was a grueling trip for both the stagecoach passengers and the horses.  Reata Pass was the stop where they were treated to a meal and the horses were watered.  The original station was built in 1882 and portions of that still exists across the road from the water tank, which makes Reata Pass the most authentic “cowboy” restaurant in the area. 

Reata Pass, AZ Jailhouse
The old jailhouse sits across the road from the original stagecoach station in Reata Pass and is the original.  It was also used elsewhere in the 1880’s to hold Indian prisoners.

Pinnacle Peak, Arizona

We followed Loop 101 N. to exit 36 and followed the directions in this map. Much of the Phoenix area is fairly flat with beautiful mountain formations in the distance. We were surprised at the elevation of the Pinnacle Peak area before arriving at the Park. Click here to see the map to the Pinnacle Peak Patio and Park as well as Reata Pass, which is nearby.
We've made other visits to Arizona and I shall be sharing more of those visits with you so stay tuned.

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  1. Great photos and article on Pinnacle Peak!
    Loved going up their for BBQ steak years ago. The steaks were so big, they covered the entire plate!
    Thanks for sharing.



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