Monday, September 20, 2010

Peggys Point Lighthouse ~ Peggys Cove, NS, Canada

We were in Nova Scotia and the Maritime Provinces have some of the most beautiful lighthouses. I’d not seen the same on the west coast and was looking forward to getting pictures of as many of them as I could. Number one on that list was Peggys Cove.
We followed the Lighthouse Trail scenic drive from where we were staying in Mahone Bay to Peggys Cove, one of the most photographed structures in the Atlantic provinces. Legend has one story that it was named after a young girl named Margaret which Peggy is a nickname for, who was the sole survivor of a schooner that ran aground in 1800.

Peggys Point Lighthouse
The lighthouse, officially known as Peggys Point Lighthouse is now operated by the Canadian Coast Guard. It once also housed the post office but that is no longer. The current structure was built in 1914, is 15 M (50 ft) high and the color of the light has changed over the years but now conforms to the world standards and became a red light in 2007.

Lady with accordian playing at the Lighthouse at Peggys Cove, NS
Peggys Cove, earlier called Peggy’s Cove, sits of the shore of St. Margarets Bay, which is 43 km (25 mi) southwest of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is a small fishing village, with a population of 46 in 2009, originally founded in 1811 when the Province of Nova Scotia issued a land grant of 800 acres to six families.

Granite rock at Peggys Cove, NS
The lighthouse sits on a granite outcropping that offers great exploring opportunities while wandering on the massive rocks.  This is to be done with caution as many people have been swept off the rocks by waves.  I came close to doing that in Portugal but that is a whole other story !

A fishboat from the past at Peggys Cove, NS

Tourism became the primary draw over fishing following World War 2 but lobster is still being fished in the area and the village does maintains the rustic look of those days.  There were some buildings destroyed from Hurricane Juan in 2003 and Hurricane Bill in 2009 which washed away one of the characteristic wooden fish sheds.

Colorful bouys at Peggys Cove, NS
Peggys Cove once boasted a population of 300 people in the early 1900’s when it supported a schoolhouse, church, general store, lobster cannery and boats of all sizes. Today you will see hundreds of visitors a day, enjoying the village that has had very few changes over the years.

Bagpiper on the rocks at Peggys Cove, NS
For those of us that enjoy listening to the bagpipes being played, we had a treat when a student raising college funds began to play.  The wind carried the sound over the rocks and was music to our ears as we cautiously trekked across the granite, no dancing on this ground. (:

Village at Peggys Cove, NS
This area was declared a preservation area in 1962 when Peggys Cove Commission Act was passed.  Regional and provincial governments have placed strict land use restrictions to prevent most property developments and they have also placed limitations that restrict property inflation values for year round residents.

We enjoyed a wonderful morning wandering about Peggys Cove and although it is a small village, it has had a very large impact on the tourism of the Maritime Provinces. This is one of many special places that we visited on our cross Canada RV trip and we were off to see more.  Have you ever been to  Prince Edward Island?  Clik here and join us on our visit to that beautiful little island.  


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