Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Borrego Springs, CA ~ Metal Art Sculptures ~ Ricardo Breceda

We love to see everything there is to see in the neighborhood where we are rv’ing.  Even if we think there might be nothing special to see, it is always great to be a tourist and enjoy what there is.  Sometimes we are just so lucky to find the unexpected.  

Wild horses in Borrego Springs, CA
I had wanted to go to Borrego Springs for awhile after having seen a local TV show about some metal artwork sitting in the desert.  It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided it would be a great time to drive down to Borrego Springs and have a look at this area and perhaps find the artwork.

Metal Sculpture horse in Borrego Springs, CA
It was a 90 minute drive through the Anza-Borrega Desert State Park to reach our destination and we were ready for lunch.  We stopped at Carlee’s Bar & Grill, and had a very delicious ‘burger and a cold drink, which was good, too.  While there, I asked for directions on how to find the art display, it is just outside the town and very easy to find. Click here for a neat map that shows where to find them all.

Metal sculpture of Ricado Breceda in Borrego Springs, CA
The owner of the Galleta Meadow Estates, Dennis Avery owns many acres surrounding Borrego Springs and has been responsible for bringing the artwork to the desert.  He has put up no fencing and gives the public free access to the artwork.  Mr. Avery also has signs that give permission to hike, horseback ride, picnic, take photos and also invites the public to camp up to 3 days.  He also asks that there are no motorized cycles used; they could damage the desert plants.

Horse sculptures at Galleta Meadow Estates
Mr. Avery hired Perris Jurassic Park owner/artist/welder Ricardo Breceda to create free standing art sculptures that would be on display in the desert for all to enjoy after seeing some of his work roadside in Perris, CA.  Click here to learn more about the artist.

Desert art display of sabertooth and horse at Borrego Springs, CA
When they’re new, the artwork is a natural silver colored metal but as they weather, the metal rusts and they become a rusty finish.  I understand there are over 50 sculptures altogether and there may be more to come.

Giant bird metal art sculpture, Borrego Springs, CA
The pre-historic look-alikes all represent those animals and birds that roamed here millions of years ago.  There are some that are life size but I am not sure about the large birds, these ones stood about 5 meters (over 15’) high but perhaps they were that frightfully large then.

Pre-historic dinosaurs at Borrego Springs, CA
Ricardo Breceda prefers to create the Jurassic Park era of dinosaurs and all animals that were part of that time but the display also has other genre of sculptures.  His artwork is made from scrap reinforcement bars, wire and metal, talent and a lot of hard work, I am sure.  The details on these massive pieces are pretty impressive to see.

Elephants as they used to roam the desert in Borrego Springs, CA

We were only able to stay long enough to see part of the artwork of the desert but we will return.  Now we know that we would want more time to make this trip again.  For a family day, one could take a picnic along to make a day of it, be sure you have time to see it all. I think there are lots of kids that would love to see the pre-historic animals and birds, they are amazing.

To find Borrego Springs, follow I-10 east from Palm Springs and turn south on Hwy 86, pass the Salton Sea until you reach Hwy S22 that takes you west, (passing through some incredible Badlands) for about 30 miles, until you reach town.  Borrego Springs, CA has much to offer in spite of its small size.  Check here to see what else is there.


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