Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunset ~ Sedona ~ Verde Valley ~ Arizona

Sedona, AZ is a beautiful little town, nestled in the northern part of Verde Valley at the mouth of the Oak Creek Canyon. We’d been there many years ago and had spent a couple of days looking through art galleries and shops during a winter visit, enjoying the beautiful views but we hoped to see it again.

Majestic red rock in Red Rock State Park, AZ
Now all these years later we are making Sedona a stop on our RV trip home from our winter holidays.  We’ve arrived in Camp Verde and set up the RV before we headed out for an evening drive.  The sky was blue and the sun was still shining so why not drive up to Sedona, about a half hour away, to see the sun setting on those red rocks.  Wow !  did we do the right thing!

Sedona homes are scattered throughout this valley
There could be no bad time to visit this pretty place but there are some times that will outshine the others and we happened to be there for one of those.  The morning sunrise and evening sunsets are said to be the best time of the day to enjoy the red rock, so we’re pretty excited with our timing, we couldn’t have planned our visit any better.

Layers of rock formations and colors above the green in Sedona, AZ
Sunset is happening as we arrive in Sedona and as the sun sets, the color of the rocks glow with brilliant oranges and reds.  The sky is a clear blue, giving a great background and everywhere we turn, we see another beautiful formation standing there for all to see. I fear we won’t see enough before the sun sets, though, so we must keep moving to be where the sun is still shining! 

Paths leading to more beautiful sights in Sedona, AZ
Over millions of years, iron oxide has covered the grains of sandstone which then naturally turns to rust form and this is what makes the beautiful colors of this Red Rock Country.  The red rock of Sedona is very unique and absolutely gorgeous!
Sunset in Sedona, AZ brings out the best of the color in Red Rock Country
If you follow Hwy 179 off I-17 and you are driving through Red Rock Country, as it is often called.  You will pass through the Red Rock State Park for the 25km (15 mi) to arrive in Sedona.  There are some great parking areas that give you a chance to stop and get great pictures and enjoy the views around you.

Spires formed in the rocks surrounding Sedona, AZ
There are hundreds of hiking and mountain bike trails to follow.  We also saw some trails marked for  horses as we wandered through some trails leading from one parking area, seeking great viewpoints.  There are guides available for tours which would be the best way to see and learn more about the rocks of Sedona, but we didn’t have time on this visit.

Endless natural beauty in Sedona, AZ
Sedona is a place that one should plan to stay awhile.  There are so many places to see whether you would like to go on jeep tours, air tours, horseback rides, golfing, camping or fishing, so much to enjoy. These are plenty of choices for family fun, too.

Setting sun shines on the Prickly Pear cactus
The art community offers even more than the famous scenery and outdoor activities with the many galleries and shops.  Sedona is also known as a spiritual mecca with the vortex energies found here and that is a draw for many. Sedona is one of the most popular places in the world for weddings and honeymoons and has over 4 million visitors a year.

Beautiful vista surrounds Sedona, AZ
This little town has a population of just over 10,000 people. The elevation of 1372M (4500’) has seasonal weather with some but not a lot of snow or rain. There are pinon pines and junipers that scatter the area and sycamores and cottonwoods near the creeks, so there is great color to complement the red rocks.

Sunset in Sedona has been a beautiful sight to see. We will definitely be making another visit to Sedona one day to enjoy the many things it offers and some of those beautiful sights we have missed on this visit. To see directions how to get to Sedona and learn more of the many things that Sedona offers, click here and visit this link.


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