Friday, March 8, 2013

Salvation Mountain ~ Slab City ~ California

We've seen many sights on our RV travels but I don't think we have seen one that could compare to Salvation Mountain.  This is a sight to behold and words cannot easily describe what I am about to share with you!  Salvation Mountain is located east of Niland, California by the Salton Sea, off Highway 111.

There are messages painted on the side of Salvation Mountain
Salvation Mountain at Slab City, CA
The big attraction in the area is Salvation Mountain, the colorful mountain that can be seen as you approach Slab City and lets you know you are getting close.  This was the idea of Leonard Knight who moved here and began his project in 1984.

The sign cannot be missed as we approach Slab City.
Entrance road to Salvation Mountain
Salvation Mountain is about three stories high and as wide as a football field.  There were some failed attempts in the early days that collapsed but it now seems to sit solid and is built with concrete and adobe then painted with acrylic paint.

colorful objects that can be seen include a mailbox and table
Creative folk art at Salvation Mountain
Salvation Mountain has been an ongoing project and is not only the mountain but many other objects as well, including this mailbox.  There are several vehicles that are covered with paint and the same message as the mountain. They have been sitting here for awhile.  The table top covers a bale of hay.

This old truck couldn't move and must weigh plenty with everything on it.
Decorated truck at Salvation Mountain
Window putty is used to make the small details such as the flowers on the grill.  There are very few spaces left bare when you begin looking closely.

A mishmash of branches and trees create this colorful structure
Colorful construction on Salvation Mountain
Twigs, poles, branches and any found objects that will do the job are used in this creation.  They are held together with twine in some places, making us wonder how safe it is to be inside one of these alcoves, some of it just seems to be held together with paint!

This unfinished stairway is a work in progress
Ongoing construction at Salvation Mountain
The bales of hay are used in many places to build the structure, too, held in place with adobe then painted.  Many of the supplies are donated and the project appears to be an ongoing work, although it is hard to tell and is possible it has been like this for awhile.  The old saying "build it and they shall come" seems to be working here, there are many people here when we stop for our visit.

No matter what this exhibit may be considered as, whether it is art, a project or a temple, it was the dream of one man and it is amazing what one man can build when he is inspired to do so. 


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