Saturday, June 28, 2014

California sunset ~ Marina, CA

Our travels up the California coastline have us driving through sunshine, cloudy skies and even some rain.  I would much prefer we not deal with rain, but as long as it does not interfere with our sightseeing, we’ll manage.  I’ve sent word out to the weatherman!

Marina Dunes Rv park at Marina, CA
We are booking the RV parks as we travel and usually stay in unfamiliar places to explore where we haven’t done before.  This will be our first visit to Marina, just north of Monterey, CA. where we had stayed on a previous visit to the coast.  We booked into the Marina Dunes RV Park and did find it expensive for just an overnight stop when not taking advantage of their amenities. RV parks near the water are pretty rare but we wanted to be within walking distance of the ocean.

Marina State Park, CA
The location was great for our stay.  We had easy access to Marina State Beach, with the entrance right across the street and a fenced pathway to follow.  The clouds had gathered and were not allowing the sun to shine down on us but we headed over to watch the sunset.

Seascape beyond the dunes
The dunes are a great sight, with blooming flowers that add color to the growing darkness.  The sun is still trying to shine down but struggles to fit between those dark clouds.

Are we there yet?
The wind was pretty strong and the chill in the April air warranted jackets for our walk but we trudged up the sandy walk to get ourselves to the beach.  We followed our friends up the heavily travelled path but we saw few others out on this cool and windy night.

Enjoying the view
More clouds are gathering and not offering much chance of a cloudless sunset, but there is always hope.  The wind blows and the waves crash; it is wonderful to see, feel and hear the ocean. We are enjoying the view.

Clouds cover the sun
I am determined to see the sun set and look forward to watching it from the beach so we wait awhile longer.  Will the dark bank of clouds move away in time to watch the sun slide down behind the horizon? 

April sunset at Marina, CA
Alas, it did not.  I’d hoped to see what I thought to be a “perfect” sunset but the weatherman missed the memo.  But… the sunset was beautiful anyway, with sunrays beaming through the clouds.  How could I think otherwise; we were enjoying our travels and adventures and now we were watching a sunset on the beach with great friends. Perfect!


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