Saturday, August 29, 2009

Terry Fox Scenic Lookout

We love RV’ing and that has taken us to many rest stops on our RV adventures. They have ranged from a bit of pavement with a Point of Interest sign in the middle of nowhere to more, but most offer washroom facilities, picnic tables and perhaps some pictures of the local area. But we’ve never seen one that was as beautiful as the one at Thunder Bay called the Terry Fox Scenic Lookout.

As we drove up the street into the lookout from the highway on this very rainy day, it was like approaching an estate with groomed grass and trees and shrubs welcoming us to visit.

There is a visitor center across the parking lot as you approach the top of the drive, but it is all surrounded by trees and is restful looking place to stop to enjoy the monument, take in the view, gather visitor information or enjoy the picnic area.

Terry Fox Memorial

The walkway approach to the view took us under the trees looking to the lake, which wasn’t very visible on our visit due to the weather, but led us to the Terry Fox Memorial.

It is a beautiful monument inspired by Terry Fox, an incredible and courageous young man who touched the hearts of every Canadian on his Marathon of Hope in 1980.

We followed him across Canada as he endured the weather and hardships that the journey offered. I don’t believe anyone will ever forget his struggle and his determination to continue on with his dream of raising money to find a cure for cancer.

Terry Fox was an inspiration to all who heard his story.

This monument was designed to join east and west, has included all provincial and territorial coats-of-arms as well as the Canadian emblems of the maple leaf and beaver.

Manfred of Oakville was commissioned to produce a larger-than-life bronze replica. It stands a little over nine feet tall, weighs over half-a-ton and took more than 1000 hours of work. The finished product captures the look of determination on Terry’s face as he struggled to reach his goal.

Landscaped Garden Paths

Great thought and caring went into the design of the Terry Fox Scenic Lookout and it shows throughout the park. All those that were involved in this tribute wanted to ensure that it was as unique as the statue and as Terry as well.

Terry Fox Scenic Lookout Paths

The Terry Fox Scenic Lookout is about 12 km (7 mi) west of where Terry was forced to give up his Marathon of Hope. His legacy continues with many events held annually, this years Terry Fox Run is being held on September 13, 2009.

The Terry Fox Memorial Statue overlooking Lake Superior at Thunder Bay, Ontario, faces his Western Canada home, Port Coquitlam B.C. He is a true Canadian hero. Hopefully we will one day see his dream come true.
See more on my Kamloops blog for the Terry Fox Run, 2012.

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