Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kaslo, B.C. on our Kootenay Road Trip

After enjoying a great lunch with our friend Karen Mae in Nelson, we left this pretty little city to carry on with our Kootenay Road Trip. We had places to go and see so we were on our way by early afternoon.
We drove up Hwy 3A, which then becomes Hwy 31 at Balfour, BC, for about 46 km (28 mi) and stopped at Ainsworth Hot Springs with the thought of enjoying a swim in the hotsprings, something neither one of us had done for many years. To our disappointment, the pool was closed for repairs so we had to pass on that idea.  We carried on north on Hwy 31 for 24 km (14 mi) enjoying great Kootenay Lake views and the Purcell Mountains until we reached Kaslo, B.C.

Karen and the S.S. Moyie
There is a lot of history in Kaslo, including the S.S. Moyie. I enjoyed writing about that in a previous page, if you wish to read more, click here.

Tourist information, Kaslo, B.C.
Imagine the fun of working in tourist information for Kaslo. The view is spectacular and the staff was very helpful, and included a wagging tail from the friendly resident dog. Tours are available on the S.S. Moyie and include great historical and nautical stories of the past. There were a couple of kayaks for rent on the shore of the lake, ready for those wanting to experience the water up close.

Front Street - downtown shopping
Kaslo is a small town but seems to have all you'd need on their main street, including a grocery story, markets, deli and several interesting shops and galleries. Karen and I stopped for coffee and a pastry at a little family bakery store and enjoyed the great service. They also offer a computer with internet for those travelling and wishing to go online.

The Mariner Inn
We didn't stay in Kaslo but there are several accommodations, including the new hotel recently opened. And what a great view that would have! There are also several campgrounds in the area, most of them on the beautiful Kootenay Lake. We'd visited the Cedar Bay RV park on one of our former visits to this area and it is situated between Ainsworth Hot Springs and Kaslo.

Marina and boathouses
 At the far end of town is a small park with a quiet view of this little bay, it was a great spot to spend some time before we left town to carry on with our travels.  I believe this park is also where they hold the Kaslo Jazz Etc. Summer Music Festival held annually and enjoyed by many visitors as well as the local residents.
Now follow us onto the East Kootenays.  Click here to see more.

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